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Meet the Cribleys

WELCOME to Falkor Ranch. We are a family owned and operated ranch located high on the Palmer Divide in beautiful Elizabeth, Colorado. From alpacas to homesteading activities to health and wellness, we have a lot going on. Join us on our adventure to realize a dream of self-sufficiency and independence through environmentally sound and socially conscious practices.

We are Tom and Diane Cribley – owners, operators, ranch hands, and stewards of our land and animals. Diane is retired from a  career as a Registered Nurse. Tom is retired from a career as a Paramedic. We both work full time on the ranch, now in its 11th year. We love the ranching/farming lifestyle and are excited to share it with you.

Tom & Diane Cribley

Our Philosophy

At Falkor Ranch, we believe in taking control of our own lives.

We believe that our health is our responsibility, not the responsibility of a "health care" provider. So we avoid processed foods laden with GMO ingredients and toxic pesticides and raise much of what we eat. We continually learn more about natural health and nutrition and stay active mentally and physically.

We believe that helping and sharing with others is extraordinarily rewarding, so we are involved with our community and make ourselves available to all of our clients and friends as a resource.

We strive for an independent, wholesome and sustainable lifestyle.

Life is good!

The Ranch & The Animals

Alpacas Running on Falkor Ranch

Falkor Ranch is located near Elizabeth, Colorado – nestled on rolling hills high on the Palmer Divide about 50 miles southeast of Denver. The property is beautiful with a view of Pikes Peak and a natural stand of pines. It provides an excellent environment for both animals and people to enjoy a natural, healthy and wholesome lifestyle.

Alpacas, goats, cows, chickens, dogs, cats… an abundance of animals with whom we share our world – working together – giving and giving back. We care for them and they provide for us.

Why alpacas? For us, they are simply delightful animals. We love what can be made of their luxurious fleece; training the crias (babies); and working with the adults. We also love how much our grandchildren learn when they help us care for them.


Alpaca ownership can be a family project. It is safe for the very young; fun for kids and adults of all ages; and ideal for developing family teamwork. 4-H and the Alpaca Owners Association sponsored youth programs offer focused guidance for families. Children learn responsibility and leadership when working with these gentle animals.


This is a venture in itself – from the raw fiber at the time of shearing through to the finished products. This may be as relatively simple as a spinner making yarns or as extensive as creating socks, hats, a variety of luxury wear, felted products, artwork and even heirlooms. This is sometimes referred to as “fiber to fashion.” It is the process of adding value to the alpaca fleece.


Consider the options – direct revenues from alpaca and fiber sales; indirect revenues from the agricultural tax status; benefits of a small business. You don’t need a fortune or a fancy facility to get started. Ask about startup and business models. The possibilities are endless.


Alpacas are hardy and easy to manage. These soft-footed, eco-friendly animals are easy on the pasture and produce high-quality fertilizer as well. Alpacas have provided the foundation for Falkor Ranch to grow into what it is today.

Alpacas for Sale

Everything from high quality seed stock and breedings to fiber/4H/pet animals. Contact us for current availability.


Falkor Ranch offers a variety of services to help new and experienced breeders. Need help or support? Give us a call!


Sharing and teaching are one of the most gratifying aspects of our alpaca adventure. Come join us and we will learn and grow together.

Health and Wellness have long been a focus at Falkor Ranch – for the people, for the animals, and for the environment.

Our goals and lifestyle at Falkor Ranch are based on health, wellness and independence. We do as much as we can to provide for and care for ourselves and our surroundings by assuring that the food we consume and the environment in which we live is naturally clean, healthy and wholesome. Take a look at some of the things we do to make our lives fun, satisfying and fulfilling. We love to share and teach what we have learned!


Falkor Ranch has a small herd of Heritage Dexter cattle. Dexters are a “dual purpose” breed useful for both meat and milk. These small, gentle animals enjoy being brushed and handled, so fit in well with our operation. All of our cows produce A2 Milk. Learn more about A2 milk below.


The goats at Falkor Ranch are Nubians. This breed was selected for its dairy quality and easy-going, social nature.

Raw goat milk is perhaps the healthiest milk. It is naturally homogenized and contains A2 beta casein as opposed to A1 beta casein protein. To learn more about why this matters, visit


Chickens are an important asset at Falkor Ranch. Our chicken provide us with both eggs and meat. They get an organic feed supplement and are allowed to free-range every day to ensure high quality eggs and meat, and a high quality life.


You will see a variety of gardens at Falkor Ranch. We have everything from the traditional outdoor soil garden to the year-round productive geodesic dome greenhouse. We user the various types to optimize our plant production.


Auquaponics is a new venture under development for us at Falkor Ranch. Aquaponics is the combination of aquaculture (raising fish) and hydroponics (soil-free plant production) into an ecosystem that is essentially self-supporting – the two systems operating together are mutually beneficial and support one another to produce high quality food with remarkable efficiency.

"Our start in the alpaca ranch experience began with a visit to your ranch. This visit provided us with insight into the functionality of your ranch. It also helped us to set up our ranch in a practical and user friendly design. We had visited many ranches and found you have a holistic approach to the care and treatment of your animals. You have also provided us with your mentoring and guidance in our animal’s care and treatment. The products you sell from Dynamite have proven to be a complete nutritional aide in addition to the hay. We have had positive feedback from the Vet regarding our alpacas and llamas general health. Your friendship and mentoring have allowed us to have a level of comfort in our ranching experience. Thank you for your assistance with our Alpaca/Llama Ranch experience.

Linda Ling, David Ling, and Barbara Weadick

Windward West Ranch